In 1973 Pepe Jeans London set up stall in the great British Portobello Road Market, selling the ever so popular product, denim. This, however, was not how the brand first appeared into the world.

Nitin Shah, was Kenyan working in a petrol station in India and was approached by Shantilal Parmar, a jeans-wear business man. He employed Nitin as a sales agent working on comission, to sell Shantilal Parmar Company denim. From this Nitin learnt everything he could about denim jeans, from the strongest and best way to stitch jeans, to the different fits, from the different materials, to the numerous washes. With this great knowledge of denim jeans Nitin had the drive to set up his own jeans company. With his two brothers Arun Shah and Milan Shah a new company was born; Sholemay Ltd Trading, sourcing their manufactured jeans from Shantilal Parmar Company. Eventually they took their business to the UK in 1973, changing the name to Pepe Jeans London.

Now Pepe Jeans is a well established clothing brand still focusing on denim. They are mostly popular within the European countries, Spain, Germany and France. This maybe because the headquarters have moved to Spain and Pepe Jeans is now owned by a selection of Spanish Investment companies. But during the late 80’s early 90’s the British loved Pepe Jeans, it was the peak of their sales, and since the popularity has been completely taken over by some very worthy competitors. This is where my dissertation research began.

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What happened to Pepe Jeans and how can we bring it back? Stay tuned!

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