Pepe Jeans London Autumn/winter Campaign was set outside a “typically English”  Edwardian county house in Norfolk. Pepe Jeans wanted to create an image that represent rock, youth and a touch of glamour. We get the the idea, but I think that the denim company which peaked in the ’80’s need to go back to their more successful campaigns and analyse how they can bring them back to life with more of a modern touch. Its important for a brand to get their marketing just right portraying the image that will reach to their target consumer. I feel that pepe need to step up their game for the UK, we have seen the british heritage ads already (Tommy Hilfiger for example). And Pepe Jeans already know this. After having a discussion with a few employees in Pepe Jeans HQ they realise that for the UK especially the brand needs more edge and shock to be noticed again.