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I’ve been eagerly waiting to see the new Pepe Jeans campaign…and here it is: ‘Pepe was here’… definitely a great step in the right direction. It captures a truer form of Britain, or perhaps what we, as British, prefer to see. Rather than the imagery from the A/W 11 campaign, where I feel it was the stereotypical image of what other countries tend to think of us.

This S/S campaign seems to be targeted more at the UK this time, rather than their bestselling European countries, such as Germany, France and Spain. The focus is british youth culture and holds a slight ‘back in time’ feel.

I believe this new concept holds potential for the brand to develop again within the UK…suppose we’ll have to wait and see!


Wildfox couture explores the wild west inspiring them with their collection for Spring 2012. Focusing on western themed movies and the characters.

Designers Emily Faulstich and Kimberley Gordon say, “We drew a large part of inspiration from the eloquent, romantic book by Tom Robbins, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues – which is littered with incredible euphemisms and powerful insights into the lonely but astonishing lives of outcast cowgirls. Robbins reveals the power, pain, and humor behind the life of a solitary cowgirl with words that are moving, touching and hilarious. We hope to have captured the same feelings with our new collection.”

The collection appears soft in colour, with a vintage theme. Subtle pieces, but definitely holds the Wildfox signature look!

The campaign consists on a variation of themes, showing the girls as friends and some as enemies, some breaking the law, but most importantly it shows them with attitude, independence and identity.







Loving gold rings at the moment and these five will look great over the winter season! I have linked each one to the websites.


House of Harlow – Antiqued arrow ring

Zoe & Morgan – Lapis scarab ring

Topshop – Long cage ring

Wildfox @ Asos – Stag ring

Free People – Moon crest ring

I am looking into different branding ideas and techniques, and today in particular, Diesel. They never disappoint with a clever and direct message to buy their products.

Take a look at a clip from the Be Stupid campaign!








I have been looking into branding and marketing of a variety of companies and this film by Daniel Askill has been by far my favourite. For a Austalian brand Ksubi the film ‘Kolors’ shows off the coloured denim with the greatest effect and in a way we do not usually experience.

Diesel have been very successful at entertaining us with comedy. With the use of ridiculous musicals and straplines such as “In order to save water, Diesel Island pioneers shower in groups” Diesel have become one of the most recognised denim and apparel brands, attracting young and highly fashionable consumers.

Pepe Jeans London Autumn/winter Campaign was set outside a “typically English”  Edwardian county house in Norfolk. Pepe Jeans wanted to create an image that represent rock, youth and a touch of glamour. We get the the idea, but I think that the denim company which peaked in the ’80’s need to go back to their more successful campaigns and analyse how they can bring them back to life with more of a modern touch. Its important for a brand to get their marketing just right portraying the image that will reach to their target consumer. I feel that pepe need to step up their game for the UK, we have seen the british heritage ads already (Tommy Hilfiger for example). And Pepe Jeans already know this. After having a discussion with a few employees in Pepe Jeans HQ they realise that for the UK especially the brand needs more edge and shock to be noticed again.

Marni is to design for H&M

The Versace collection for H&M is still one of the hot topics for all fashion lovers, but the ever growing highstreet store isn’t hanging around. Marni will be designing for their spring collection which will include womenswear, menswear and accessories. This will be reaching 260 stores nationwide and sold online on 8 March 2012.

Here’s the sneak preview:

CK One launched this campaign in the spring of 2011.  And it was then banned.

The image of Lara Stone in the ‘CK One Box’ carries a subliminal message: “Fuck”. The F spelt in the white space to the left of Lara Stone and the U spelt out by her bra. This was discovered when the image went up onto a billboard in New York and was raising issues with the locals.

Were Calvin Klein really that clever?

Apparently so, Calvin Klein love a banned advert and yet again they succeed!

Talk of the town has been Versace for H&M. So much so that this time last week the collection launch resulted in a complete sell out.

Such a success must mean a repeat, surely!

Thats right, round two is on its way already and due to hit the streets on January 19th 2012. Lucky for us British lot…lucky for most international H&M locations, but not so lucky for the Americans! The second line will not be launching over in the US. A spokesperson has announced that the second line will only be sold in countries with online sales, ruling out the US.

…or has this to do with anything about the sizing issues reported by New York Daily, with the PR telling the paper ‘Donatella will likely not approve shooting the collection on real women.’

Whatever the issues, Versace is collaborating with H&M for the second time, most likely with more mini Donatella lookalikes for the campaign.